Hoola Hoop FAQ

Questions from the website:

is it easier to hula hoop with a bigger hoop?


easier to use big hoop or small?


easier to use small hoola hoop or large?


are smaller hoops easier or harder?


is a smaller hoop harder?

Very much so.

hoola hoop big or small?


is a bigger or smaller hula hoop easier?

Bigger is easier.

is it easier to hoop with bigger or smaller hoops?


when learning to hula hoop is it better to use a small or large hoop?


is a bigger hoop better?

Generally—a bigger hoop lets you use it long enough to get better.  A hoop that’s too small is not any fun, and may be impossible to use anyway.

Is a child hoop same size as an adult exercise one?

NO!  Hoops that are sold at big-box stores in the toy department will NOT work for most adults.  Few people who weigh more than 75# can use these hoops.  If you can’t do a store-bought hoop, it’s the hoop, not you.  Do NOT decide “you can’t hoop anymore” until you have tried a hoop that’s the right size for the body you have today.

In my classes, I will use child-size hoops for arm and hand, off-body work, while my beginner students are resting their abs.  When they get better, they can do off-body work with regular size hoops.

best size for short people?

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For women:  Sternum height for starters, waist height when you get better.

For men who don’t dance much:  Shoulder height, and heavier weight (1”, 160 PSI)

If at all possible, try several.  Most people find a rhythm that they like after trying a few different sizes (diameters) and weights (tubing PSI ratings) of hoops.  Some hoops ask you to move too fast.  Some hoops let you move too slowly.  Some hoops hurt some people.

Few stores carry hoops that are big enough for most beginners to use.  The best way to get the right hoop for your body is to find someone who makes hoops and try them out.  If an internet search doesn’t find a site directly, try www.hooping.org and searching on your town.

About “weighted” hoops: I don’t particularly like them.  Some of the Fitness Centers use them.  I think they’re boring—it’s too hard to do anything fancy in them, and they hurt.  I prefer to use a “normal” weight, adult diameter hoop made from 1” 100 PSI tubing.  Sometimes, I’ll use my big 6’4” hoop, as a strength workout for my shoulders, but it’s too slow for most of the music I like.

I’m not convinced that using very heavy weights makes your ab muscles work harder enough to make up for the amount of fun that heavy hoops don’t provide.

Putting a cup of water into a hoop before you join the ends serves much the same effect as a heavy weight hoop.


1″ 100 PSI vs 3/4″ 160 PSI hoop?

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Have a hoop party, invite your exercising friends, and make 7-8 hoops at one time.  You have to buy 100’ of tubing anyway.

Adult hoops take between 9-14’ of tubing.  I don’t measure tubing length; I simply make a circle that’s “big enough”–sternum height, waist height, in between, inseam height, smaller for children, bigger for men—and cut and then join the tubing.

Usually, I make bigger hoops from heavier tubing, and smaller from the lighter weights.

I’ll get 12-14 child-size hoops from a 100’ roll of tubing.


I like 1” 100 PSI tubing.  It’s softer, and my hands like the diameter of the hooping.

Same-size hoops made of ¾”, 160 PSI tubing are harder, faster, and narrower.  My hands don’t like them.  I am a 6’ tall woman with some hand damage; your hands may like the smaller tubing.

Same-size hoops made of ¾”, 100 PSI tubing will be softer and get a bit out of round easily.  I don’t think they are as responsive, but I have a lot of padding.  People with firmer abs and hips may like these hoops better.

Same-size hoops made of 1”, 160 PSI tubing will be VERY much heavier.  I carry these for men, and tape then in manly colors.  (An hoop with the equivalent aerodynamics in 1” 100 PSI tubing would be at least a foot bigger across, which gets unstable and hard to pack in a pickup truck.)

Children’s hoops are ½” 75 PSI (babies) and ¾” 100 PSI.


how do i know when to move down in size with a hula hoop?

how do you know when to switch to a smaller hula hoop?

moving to a smaller hula hoop?

Move to a smaller hoop when you want to move faster, and you don’t drop the hoop at all, in either direction, unless you’re trying something new.  Smaller hoops let you do more tricks, and change direction, and do lifts and stalls and off-body work.  Some tricks are simply impossible with a big hoop.

Keep your bigger hoop around for slower music, for days when you don’t feel like working out too hard, or for friends who haven’t hooped before.

I usually take three or four hoops to a workout, and change them depending on the music, my mood, and how tired I am.

how to size hoops for bigger people?

Perhaps a little bigger than sternum height.  Depends on exactly what you mean by “bigger” and whether “coordination” is an issue.  Try a hoop made of 1″/160 PSI tubing, too.  It will be effectively much bigger than a hoop of the same diameter made with 1″/100 PSI tubing, because it will weigh more.

can big girls hula hoop?


can men hulahoop?


can women hula hoop better than men?

Usually yes, all other things being equal.

Good dancers hoop better.  Good dancers who are men will hoop better than bad dancers who are women.

why can’t women hula hoop after having a baby?
If you could hoop before, and you can’t after, you might need a much bigger hoop.  You’re (probably, and unfortunately) a bit bigger.  As I’ve said in many other questions, bigger hoops are very much easier.  Your muscles have been doing a different kind of work for a year.  They’ll take a while to remember what they used to know.  Use the big hoop to start moving again, and then the exercise will help you lose baby weight, and you’ll be back into your pre-baby hoop in no time.  (!!)

If you haven’t hooped since before you learned about making babies, it’s not the baby that caused the problem.  It’s the size of the hoop.

do hula hoop dancers use weighted hoops?

No.  Weighted hoops are for cardio, and practice.  Performance hoops are smaller than average, lighter than average, and very fast.

what size hula hoops do you use to dance with?

If you’re talking real dancing, like “performance,” or “fire hooping,” as opposed to “first time in 20 years,” then “inseam” height may be an answer.  These hoops are hard for beginners, but professional dancers, in bare-midriff shape, can use them fluidly.

does a smaller hula hoop give you a better workout?

Not for most of us—you have to work too hard, and then you get tired, and quit.  I’d rather work out longer.  YMMV.

Hoopers who perform on stage are in a different category.  If you’re comfortable in a bare midriff on a stage, then perhaps a smaller hoop is the better choice.  Most of my students are not in this bracket.

hula tape

See the links in Making hoops

ways to use a hula hoop game?

Core hooping, hand hooping, tossing, catching, tossing while someone leaps through the hoop, as a jump rope, as a ring toss, in a contest (duration), walking while hooping, hooping in both directions.

2 women with hula hoops?

Two people in one hoop is hard.  A hoop can only have one center.  You have to be VERY good friends with the person you’re hooping with.  One of you hoops the front part of the circle (abs) and the other works the back.

6 foot hula hoop?

We travel with a 6’5” hoop, made from 2” tubing.  It has a 100 pound MINIMUM—that is, if you don’t weight at least 100 pounds, you don’t get to use the hoop.  If you’re close (usually, pre-teen boys), I’ll ask you to show that you can hoop the next-biggest hoop, which is 5’, made from 1” 160 PSI tubing.  If you can hoop that one, you can try the bigger one.  If not, nope.

For those of us who are closer to 200# than 100#, the 6-foot hoop is actually pretty easy to use.

(While I say, “this is the hardest hoop” in the video, I really meant to say, “this is the hardest hoop to get started, but once it’s going, it’s easy.”)